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Report for the year 1904, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 26th, 1905.

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The Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor Company


New Haven, CT


1882 patients treated in the past year. Daily average number of patients 164. Cost per patient per week is $10.93. The ambulance responded to 600 calls during the year. There was an increase in the amount of patients treated at the hospital by 10% and there is a need for additional space to accommodate these continued increases. There was an increase in expenses for renovations and salaries. Renovations were made to the superintendent’s house upon his retiring. Additional staff was added to the house staff, office staff, and the staff of the superintendent of nursing. Superintendent, John H. Starkweather, retired causing many of his subordinates to leave. Staff was hired to replace them, as well as the addition of a telephone clerk and stenographer. A telephone exchange was established. Four mechanics are being hired by the month (instead of daily) and a night watchman. A second floor was added to the laundry and a run-way (or ramp) was installed from the veranda to the ground for wheelchair bound patients. It can be removed during fall and winter. Within the Connecticut Training School for Nurses Report there is a detailed description of the nurses training in regard to patient care and expectations.

New Haven Hospital Seventy-Eighth Annual Report for the Year 1904