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For the years 1961-1962. Year ending September 30, 1962.

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John Manz. Medical Center. J. Hasbrouck Wallace. Hospital beds. Memorial Unit. Joint Administrative Committee. Medical Staff selection policy. Patient classification. Cost of patient care. Grace-New Haven School of Nursing. Licensed Practical Nurse Program. University of Connecticut School of Nursing. Yale University School of Nursing.


Reorganization of many departments because of the growth of the hospital. New department of Transportation, Aide Service and Communications to bring together all telephone and various types of communication services. Construction projects continue throughout the hospital. An eighth floor was added to the Memorial Unit, increasing hospital beds by 48. Ten new operating rooms will be added. The term “ward” will be replaced by classifying patients into “of private” or “of service”. Master plan for continued expansion of patient beds, a laboratory for clinical investigation, and a building for epidemiology and public health. This report includes a discussion of how to pay the cost of indigent or medically indigent patients.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Annual Report 1961 - 1962