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For the year 1961, presented at the Annual Meeting, September 30, 1961.

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Dana Operating Pavilion, American Red Cross, Tompkins renovations, Expansion, Hospital board, Grad nursing shortage, US Public Health Service, Grace New Haven School of Nursing, University of Connecticut School of Nursing, Women’s Auxiliary.


There were 28, 439 patients admitted to the hospital during the fiscal year. Patients admitted for general care were charged $42.33 per day, an increase of almost 6% from the previous year. Dana Operating Pavilion was opened on November 13, 1961, thanks to the gracious sponsors; Charles A. Dana, Victoria Foundation, John Day Jackson, Hill-Burton Program. An 8 bed research unit on Tompkins 5 was made possible with a grant from the US Public Health Service. The Board of Directors made a revolutionary change by giving a small Executive Committee most of the Hospital Responsibility and decreasing the Board to 18 members, and electing 6 members each year instead of 30.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Annual Report 1960 - 1961