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For the year 1959, presented at the Annual Meeting, September 30, 1959.

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Medical School and Hospital relationship, Hospital expansion, Master plan, E. Todd, Wheeler Perkins and Will, Medical staff By-Laws, Per-diem cost, Free care, Winchester building, Engineering, Hunter Radiation, Winchester building. Orientation, Gift shop, Grace New Haven School of Nursing.


There were 27,488 patients admitted to the hospital. The Medical School and the Hospital’s relationship continued to grow stronger through the fiscal year. A master plan was developed for both the Medical School and The Yale-New Haven Medical Center. The Hospital hired E. Todd, Wheeler Perkins and Will as consulting architects to expand the hospital. Several building were renovated including; New Haven Unit, Hunter Radiation, and Winchester building. The Board of Lady Visitors developed several new services including a Coffee & Gift Shop, new employee orientation, and patient comment cards.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Annual Report 1958 - 1959