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Grace-New Haven Community Hospital, 1945-1947. Financial statements for the years ending June 30, 1946 and June 30, 1947.

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Yale University Press


New Haven, CT


WWII, nursing shortage, nurse aides, laundry, tunnel, Building Committee, Rooming-In Program, X-ray diagnostic room, cystoscopic room, Department of Anesthesiology, emergency room, William Wirt Winchester Hospital, Dr. Albert Snoke, George B. Darling, Community Relations, patient surveys, Grace-New Haven School of Nursing


Grace-New Haven Community Hospital was formed by the consolidation of Grace Hospital and New Haven Hospital on July 16, 1945. The consolidation of services of both hospitals into one has begun. The state is now paying $5 per patient day, but it is still below the cost of providing service to patients. The Rooming-In Project was started by Dr. Edith Jackson, Herbert Thoms, and Alan Foord. A new course in hospital administration began between the Department of Public Health and the Yale School of Medicine under Professor Ira Hiscock. The emergency room service of the New Haven Unit is to be reorganized. A new system put in place for the New Haven Dispensary to use appointments to schedule patients instead of having them come in and wait.

Grace-New Haven Community Hospital 1945 - 1947