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For the year 2008. Year ending September 30, 2008.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2009


Harty Press


New Haven, CT


Pledge. Service Excellence. Hospital staff. Patients. Privacy. Respect. Diversity. Clean environment. Safety. Smilow Cancer Hospital construction. Reduce pressure ulcer rates initiative. Caregiver “handoffs”. Clean and safe rounds. Manager rounds. Internal mock surveys. Emergency room patients. Beds. Discharges. Inpatient Clinical Information System. Electronic medical record. Transplant. Telemedicine. Stroke Center. Employee opinion survey. Smoke-free. Performance Incentive Program (PIP). Community. Primary Care Center. 55 Park Street. 2 Howe Street.


The title of this annual report is, “Our Promise.” The report starts with the “I am Yale-New Haven,” employee service excellence pledge. The pledge includes making a first great impression, protecting patient privacy, valuing diversity and treating all people with respect, communicating with compassion and courtesy, maintain a safe, quiet, and clean environment, and taking action when things go wrong. The year-end message contains detailed information on developments of the hospital during the year on pages 18-24. Some highlights include. The hospital began transitioning to a complete electronic medical record this year. The state’s first pediatric split-liver transplant and first living donor pediatric transplant occurred at YNHH in 2008. Initiative started to make all of YNHH and its properties smoke-free as of January 2009. There is a small “In Memoriam” section for physicians who have passed on page 52.

Images: This report includes many images of patients and a wide range of hospital employees. As well as hospital and medical staff leadership headshots. There are also many images of donors and events.

Our Promise  2008 Annual Report  Yale-New Haven Hospital