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For the year 2006. Year ending September 30, 2006.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2007


Harty Press


New Haven, CT


Cancer. Cancer Hospital. Construction. Groundbreaking. Mae Ola Riddick. Women’s Center. Uterine Cancer. Phyllis Medvedow. Lung Cancer. Cancer Survivors. Dr. Frank Detterbeck (thoracic surgeon). Chelsea Howell. Wilm’s tumor (malignant tumor of the kidney in children). Chemotherapy. Sally Howell. Bill Lacourciere. Oral Cancer. Dr. Clarence Sasaki. Debbi Zergiebel. Malignant parotid tumor. Radiation Therapy. Danielle Joyce. Leukemia. Barbara Cooney Oliver. Breast Cancer. Mammogram. Charles Vaugh. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Parking. Nancy Ahern. Mobile mammogram van. Mastectomy. Dr. Michael Rice. 100, 000 Lives campaign. Fall prevention. Ruby Slipper. Multi-disciplinary diabetes care team. Computer software. New perioperative information system. Service Excellence initiative. New advanced technologies. Asthma. Pediatric Dental Program. Stamp out Stroke (SOS). United Way. Relationship with New Haven and neighborhoods. Community Outreach. Yale-New Haven Health System (YNHHS). Marna Borgstrom. Richard D’Aquila. Joseph A. Zaccagnino. Corporators’ Room.


The title of this annual report is, “Building HOPE – Testimony and Testimonials for a New Cancer Hospital.” The Hospital got approval in the spring of 2006 to begin construction on the new 497,000 square-foot cancer hospital. The groundbreaking was on September 6, 2006. This report includes stories of some of the people who testified in support of the hospital: Mae Ola Riddick, Phyllis Medvedow, Dr. Frank Detterbeck, Chelsea Howell, Sally Howell, Bill Lacourciere, Debbi Zergiebel, Danielle Joyce, Barbara Cooney Oliver, Charles Vaugh, and Nancy Ahern. The year-end message contains detailed information on developments of the hospital during the year on pages 14-18. This year marked Marna Borgstrom’s first full year as president and chief executive officer of YNHH. There is a small “In Memoriam” section for physicians who have passed.

Images of events leading up to the groundbreaking of the Cancer Hospital and the people who testified in support of the hospital. As well as hospital and medical staff leadership headshots. Joseph A. Zaccagnino portrait.

Building HOPE - Testimony and Testimonials for a New Cancer Hospital  2006 Annual Report  Yale-New Haven Hospital