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For the year 2004. Year ending September 30, 2004.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2005


Harty Press


New Haven, CT


Sammy Acosta. Bicycle safety. Ivette Colon. Spanish speaking. Patti DeWitt. “Me and My Baby.” Prenatal. Community Outreach. June Holmes. HIV. AIDS. Officer George Marshall. Protective Services. Dean Krynicki. Mutual Respect Committee. Food and clothing drives. Bernie Lane. Donna McCoy-Roberts. Lynn Peckham. School-based health center (Sheridan Academy for Excellence). Dr. Joseph Zelson. Pediatrics. Interpreter Services expanded. Patient Safety Goals. Sunrise Clinical Manager (replaced Clinical Care Support System). Peminic (web-based adverse event reporting). Graduate Medical Education. Yale-New Haven Shoreline Medical Center (opened in July). Cancer Center Building (CON approved). Bed management system (new). Human Resources. Benefits. Unions. Emergency Preparedness. Charitable care. Free care. Community Health. Pediatric Dental Center. Asthma. Grants. United Way. Hill neighborhood. Yale-New Haven Health System (YNHHS). The System’s Performance Management. The scorecard.


The title of this annual report is, “We make great neighbors!” The stories of several hospital employees, who are also active in the community, are featured in the report: Sammy Acosta (Protective Services), Ivette Colon (Admitting), Patti DeWitt (Community Outreach), June Holmes (HIV/AIDS), Officer George Marshall (Protective Services), Dean Krynicki (radiation physics technician), Bernie Lane (Business Office), Donna McCoy-Roberts (agency coordinator, admitting), Lynn Peckham (nurse), and Dr. Joseph Zelson (Pediatrician). The year-end message contains detailed information on developments of the hospital during the year related to patient care, patient safety and quality of care, milestones, day-to-day operation, community service, support for the health system, and leadership (pages 22-28).

Images: Coffee mugs are a theme throughout the report. Photographs of featured employees. Many images of patient care throughout the report. As well as hospital and medical staff leadership headshots.

“We make great neighbors!”  2004 Annual Report  Yale-New Haven Hospital