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For the year 1988. Year ending September 30, 1988.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-1989


New Haven, CT


measurement. Newborn Special Care Unit. Neonatal Intensive Care. Nurses. Sandy Flavell. Neurology. Dr. Lawrence Brass. Stroke. SPECT (Single Photon Emitted Tomography). Cardiology. Dr. Forrester (Woody) Lee. Heart attacks. Radiation Therapy. Cancer. Malignant tumor. Nancy Drevins. X-ray machine. Simulator. Dosimetry. Linear accelerator. Anesthesiology. Dr. Anne Savarese. Anesthesiologist. Perioperative. Operating room. Technology. Nurse recruitment. Nursing shortage. Nursing compensation. Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center. Heart-lung transplant. Bone-marrow transplant. Renal shock wave lithotripsy for kidney-stones. Transplantation. Photopheresis. Biliary lithotripsy service for gallstones. Pediatric Department. Yale Physicians Building. Sports Medicine Program. Dorothy Adler Geriatric Assessment Center. Plasmapheresis Unit. AIDS.


This annual report begins with summaries of how different tools of measurement have a role in the following specialties: newborn special care unit, neurology, cardiology, radiation therapy, and anesthesiology. A shortage of qualified nurses led to a recruitment of 300 nurses and improvement to benefits. The increase to staff allowed for 65 beds to be reopened. The first successful heart-lung transplant in New England happened at YNHH in May. See report for new or expanded services. Facilities renewal program launched. Yale Physicians Building completed in February.

Images: Variety of images related to patient care, tools of measurement, Newborn Special Care Unit, Dr. Lawrence Brass, Dr. Forrester Lee, patient in wheelchair, Nancy Drevins, Dr. Anne Savarese, Board of Trustees: Michael J. Adanti, Richard G. Bell, George W. Edwards, Jr., John E. Fenn, Dr. James J. Fischer, Norwick R. Goodspeed, Jeanne J. Hogan, Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Gerald A. Lamb, Dr. Stanley R. Lavietes, Marvin K. Lender, Richard B. Lightfoot, F. Patrick McFadden, Jr., Julia M. McNamara, Rev. Timothy A. Meehan, Walter H. Monteith, Jr., Alice E. Poole, Dr. Leon E. Rosenberg, Alan L. Schiff, Benno C. Schmidt, Jr., Richard F. Schneller, Dr. Carol T. Schreiber, C. Thomas Smith, Carol N. Theodore, Frank M. Turner, Sheila W. Wellington, and Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Medical Staff: Drs. Paul G. Barash, Robert I. Schrier, Donald J. Cohen, John E. Schowalter, Donald W. Kohn, Harold Horton, Richard L. Edelson, Robert I. White, Edwin C. Cadman, Leonard R. Farber, Frederick L. Sacks, Joseph R. Bove, Stephen G. Waxman, Thomas N. Byrne, Peter I. Jatlow, Frederick Naftolin, Lawrence J. Wartel, John C. Hobbins, Marvin L. Sears, David E. Silverstone, Gary E. Friedlaender, Ralph J. DePonte, Vincent T. Marchesi, Juan Rosai, Joseph B. Warshaw, Joseph H. Zelson, Norman J. Siegel, Benjamin J. Bunney, Selby C. Jacobs, William F. Collins, Jr., Robert K. Houlihan, C. Elton Cahow, and James J. Fischer, Alan L. Schiff, Richard M. Weiss, Harriet Welch, Martha Shattuck, and historical photographs.

Measuring Care-giving  Yale-New Haven Hospital 1988 Annual Report