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For the year 1895, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 30, 1896.

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The Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor Press


New Haven, CT


Springside Home, dietary, apothecary, Maternity Ward Fund, Administrative Building, kitchen, William Fitch Home for Children, Connecticut Training School for Nurses.


1084 patients treated in the past year. Daily average number of patients 111.8. Cost per patient per week is $8.86. The average number of attendants is 97, of these 41 are from the Connecticut Training School of Nurses. There was a growth in the number of people living in New Haven, but not a growth in the amount of patients at the hospital. This is partially due to another hospital opening in New Haven and in neighboring cities. A new dietary adopted. Few patients paid directly for their care, most were supported partially or fully by funds of the society. One member was added to the House Staff, increasing the number to four. Sara Henry becomes the new Superintendent of Nursing. Dr. W. H. Carmalt retired from the Prudential Committee. There is a need for a new kitchen, nurse’s dining room, administrative building, disinfecting apparatus, and elevators.

Sixty-Ninth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut