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For the Year 1890, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 28, 1891.

Publication Date



Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Admission for patients, Free bed fund, Soldier patients, Ambulance calls, Telephone system, Ellen M. Gifford home for incurables, Gifford chapel, Mrs. C.H. Stilson children’s ward fund, Charles A. Brooks resigns, Elevator, Mrs. R.M. Everett resigns, Hospital aid society, Connecticut Training School for Nurses (CTS), Private practice nursing.


As time has gone on, there has been a decrease in soldier patients, and will continue to decrease. A telephone system, consisting of eight phones was installed in different wards. The ambulance has received a total of 106 calls over the past year. The average cost for a patient was $7.85 per week. The Ellen M. Gifford home for incurables will be located northwest of the admin building towards Howard Ave, and going to be modeled similar to other wards. The Gifford chapel will be located northwest of the admin building towards Davenport Ave and beyond the Gifford home. Board member Charles A. Brooks resigns, leaving only six members on the board. The board decided to increase the numbers to have at least nine members. Board of Lady Visitors chairmen Mrs. R.M. Everett resigns. After a year of studying, a nursing student receives a six month vacation before entering a private practice program.

Sixty-Fourth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut