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For the year 1880, presented at the Annual Meeting January 27, 1881.

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Hoggson and Robinson, Printers


New Haven, CT


Free bed fund, water/heat improvements Honorable Henry Farnam, Mrs. Eli Whitney, Miss. Hannah D. Buck, Connecticut Training School for Nurses (CTS), Mrs. Bundy, Mrs. Barrett, Nurse dorm, ventilation, apothecary, Mr. George Blunt, Miss. Gleason, Dr. S. Henry Bronson, Chairman William Gale, Superintendent Mr. J. H. Starkwather, Board of Lady Visitors, Patient Admission.


Hospital received large donations from Honorable Henry Farnam and Mrs. Eli Whitney. Heating and plumbing improvements were made possible by, the funds left by the late Miss Hannah D. Buck, a patient at the hospital for eight years. The average cost for patients per week is $6.55.The Connecticut Training School for Nurses has increased the pupil size to 19. Mrs. Bundy, head nurse, has resigned and replaced by Mrs. Barrett. There was also a proposal to build a new dorm on hospital grounds. Mr. George Blunt was placed in the apothecary. Mrs. McLean has replaced Miss. Gleason in housekeeping after her resignation. A board member Dr. S. Henry Bronson has passed away suddenly.

Fifty-Fourth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut