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Spring 5-31-1966

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Medical Doctor (MD)


A combined chromatographic and analytical system is described for the specific determination of amino sugars. An adaptation of the Elson-Morgan reaction has been made using the equipment of the Technicon AutoAnalyzer. The colorimetric procedure is based partly on the work of Lewy and McAllan . The Elson-Morgan reaction is a two-stage reaction which involves first the reaction of the amino sugar with acetic anhydride or 2 ,4pentanedione and the formation of cyclic intermediates by heating in an al kaline medium. In the second stage, the medium is acidifed and the intermediates coupled with p_-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde to give a colored product. In the automated procedure developed, acetylation is performed with an acetic acid - N,N-dimethylacetamide reagent and the cyclization is accomplished at elevated temperatures in a basic borate solu tion. The reaction mixture is then acidified by the addition of an acetic acid - formic acid - HC1 - water reagent and the p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde is added in an alcoholic solution. All reagents are stable for several weeks. Two chromatographic systems have been developed for the separation of amino sugars without modification of the chromatographic section of the Technicon Amino Acid Analyzer. These systems have distinctly different elution patterns. It is possible to carry out simultaneous ninhydrin and Elson-Morgan analyses of the chromatographic effluents.


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