Attenuation of Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm by Ascorbic Acid

Alan Schlesinger

This is an Open Access Thesis.


[From the Materials and Methods section] Eleven asthmatic subjects (4 male, 7 female) and ten healthy subjects (8 male, 2 female) without history of wheezing or asthma were recruited and informed consent was obtained. In order to select asthmatics with mild disease, members of the university and hospital community were chosen, avoiding the often more severe asthma of hospitalized and clinic patients. None of our subjects had been hospitalized for their asthma and none required corticosteroids. Each subject completed a detailed questionnaire concerning the presence of respiratory symptoms, allergies, and exercise induced bronchospasm (EIB). The subjects' anthropometric data and responses to the questionnaire appear in Tables 1 and 3. All eleven asthmatic subjects complained of wheezing or dyspnea during or after exercise, while none of the ten healthy subjects had similar complaints.