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[From the Introduction] There is only one report of an attempt to induce interstitial cystitis in animals by immunologic methods. Silk in 1970 was unable to produce any lesions in rats or rabbits following a single intramuscular injection of homologous bladder antigen (5 mgm) in complete Freund's adjuvant. This amount of crude antigen is small compared to doses of 200-400 mg which have been successfully used to produce lesions in other organs. Multiple injections of antigen will sometimes produce a lesion when single injections of antigen are unsuccessful. Heterologous antigens, moreover, are occasionally more effective than homologous antigen in producing a tissue specific auto-immune lesion. An attempt was made to reproduce the lesions of interstitial cystitis in rats by hyperimmunization with heterologous bladder antigen obtained from rabbits in varying doses and after single and multiple injections accompanied by simultaneous mechanical and bacteriological injury to the bladder.


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