Maria Mazzeo

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Open Access Thesis

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Medical Doctor (MD)

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Diane Krause


To examine the relationship between liver injury and the appearance of bone marrow derived hepatic cells we performed sex-mismatched bone marrow transplants in mice, with subsequent liver injury. Co-labeling for a marker of donor bone marrow origin and a marker of liver epithelial phenotype allowed us to identify rare marrow-derived hepatocytes at various time points following liver damage. The number of marrow-derived hepatocytes was low, however, and did not allow us to determine if liver-specific injury upregulated this process from baseline. We conclude that while marrow-derived hepatocytes are found, the low level of occurrence in this study makes it impossible to draw a clear temporal relationship between liver damage, recovery and the appearance of donor-derived cells. In addition, we cannot say whether liver-specific damage upregulates this phenomenon.


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