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Cross-Platform Mobile Health Applications with React Native

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E. Kevin Hall, Yale UniversityFollow


Yale School of Management

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Presentation Track


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10-28-2016 9:00 AM

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10-28-2016 9:50 AM


Technologies and efforts in mobile health are beginning to positively affect participants' lifestyles. As most modern smartphones today measure daily step counts and distance walked we have crossed a line where the 'quantified self' is an opt-out rather than opt-in decision. Hurdles in mobile health application development still remain, chief amongst them being the separate and distinct Android and Apple development toolsets, which are each so broadly different from the other to challenge today's mHealth developers. Despite massive engineering resources, Facebook was unable to comfortably develop their native mobile applications easily across both Android and iOS. To solve this problem they developed React Native, a framework for developing native applications across both platforms with the same development environment and codebase. This workshop will demonstrate developing from scratch a simple mobile health application in React Native. This workshop will show attendees how to setup the development environment, begin a React Native application, and bridge to both Apple's HealthKit and Google's Fit data layers. Attendees should have some experience with mobile health development on either platform and should leave with a basic understanding of React Native.

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Oct 28th, 9:00 AM Oct 28th, 9:50 AM

Cross-Platform Mobile Health Applications with React Native

Yale School of Management