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In the spring of 1948, Mr. Stephen Sanford generously suggested that a representative of the Peabody Museum of Yale accompany his party on a brief visit to Tierra del Fuego for collecting purposes. Unfortunately the group was somewhat delayed in arrival due to difficulties with weather and planes, but in mid-April they arrived at Rio Grande on the east coast. Mr. Sanford was accompanied by his wife, Mr. Van Campen Heilner and Mr. Migdalski. The first part of their stay was at Estancia "Sara" near Rio Grande where the country was very open and treeless, but Mr. Migdalski was later able to go farther north to the Estancia of the Bridges family where there were trees in some number. During his actual collecting time April 27th to May 20th, Mr. Migdalski was able to collect 78 specimens of 35 species, a difficult assignment due to the severe autumnal weather and many of the species having already migrated north. One advantage, however, was the fact that all the birds were in fresh plumage, although an additional difficulty was the heavy deposit of fat which all specimens carried. Some species showed definite gonadal enlargement, presumably correlated with the migratory season, and heavy fat deposition.