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Tanytrachelos ahynis (n.gen., n. sp.) is a lepidosaur from the Late Triassic Dan River Group (Newark Supergroup) of North Carolina and Virginia. The new reptile has gracile proportions similar to Tanystropheus (Middle Triassic) and is referred to the family Tanystropheidae of the suborder Prolacertiformes. Unlike Tanystropheus, Tanytrachelos has relatively short cervical vertebrae bearing splintlike ribs anteriorly and plowshare-shaped ribs posteriorly. The species is much smaller than Tanystropheus and has long straight ribs fused to the most distal dorsal vertebrae and proximal caudal vertebrae. The associated fish and nonmarine invertebrate fauna and flora suggest that the age of the Tanytrachelos-beanng horizon is Middle Keuper (Carnian of the Late Triassic).