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Thirteen species of coral-dwelling sponges are reported from the reefs of Discovery Bay on the north coast of Jamaica. Seven of these are new species: Cliona delitrix, C. peponaca, C. langae, C. laticavicola, C. aprica (family Clionidae); Alectona jamaicensis (family uncertain); and Siphonodictyon brevitubulatum (family Adociidae). Two other species, Cliona schmidti and C. janitrix, are new records for the West Indies. A shallow-water and a deep-water form of two new species are described. Transplant studies indicate that these forms, distinguished by differences in the dimensions of the spicules and papillae, the degree of papillary fusion and, to a slight degree, spicule morphology, are largely habitat-induced. It is suggested that differences in silica concentration with depth may affect spicule sizes.