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In connection with a revision of the thrushes, I have examined specimens of Turdinus stictigula Reichenow through the courtesy of the authorities of the American Museum of Natural History. This rare and seldom observed species found only in the hills in parts of Tanganyika was described as a babbler and placed in Illadopsis by W. L. Sclater (Systema Avium Æthiopicarum, 1932:363). In his revision of the babblers (L'Oiseau, 1946, 16:13) Delacour has pointed out that the Spot-throat is certainly a thrush and not a babbler in the lengthening of its narrow bill, and its long and slender tarsus and toes. M. Delacour placed the species provisionally in Cossypha, noting that it bore a slight resemblance to anomala and archeri.