The phenomenon of upwelling which is present along many coasts has been discussed from various points of view. A general explanation of the phenomenon has been given by application of Ekman’s theory of wind driven currents (Thorade 1909; McEwen 1912), and emphasis has been put on the velocity of the vertical motion (McEwen 1934) or on the depth from which water is brought to the surface (Sverdrup 1930; Gunther 1936). Defant (1936) has discussed the horizontal and vertical motion and the distribution of density within the region of upwelling off the coast of southwest Africa, but his analysis is based on average surface conditions and on the results of a few, widely spaced oceanographic stations. His schematic representation of the currents in a vertical section at right angles to the coast appears misleading, since the vertical motion shown in the region of upwelling necessitates the existence of a horizontal divergence within this region. But a divergence is indicated only at the offshore border of this area...