The seasonal and spatial variability of mixed layer depth (MLD) was examined in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) (30E – 80E and 10S – 30N) for three consecutive years starting from June 2002 – May 2005 using Argo temperature and salinity (T/S) profiles. These were compared with MLD estimates from World Ocean Atlas 2001 (WOA01) T/S data. Temporal and spatial variability of MLD estimated from Argo T/S profiles were found to correspond well with the MLD obtained from WOA01 T/S data. However, slight deviations in the form of months of occurrence of minima and maxima MLDs were observed. MLD from WOA01 climatology is underestimated compared to MLD from Argo for almost the entire three years of study. It is also observed that MLD variability features as brought out by both the data sets followed the dynamics that govern the mixed layer variability in this region.