A study of the mesoscale eddy field in the presence of coherent vortices, by means of Lagrangian trajectories released in a high-resolution ocean model, is presented in this paper. The investigation confirms previous results drawn from real float data statistics (Veneziani et al., 2004) that the eddy field characteristics are due to the superposition of two distinct regimes associated with strong coherent vortices and with a typically more quiescent background eddy flow. The former gives rise to looping trajectories characterized by subdiffusivity properties due to the trapping effect of the vortices, while the latter produces nonlooping floats characterized by simple diffusivity features. Moreover, the present work completes the study by Veneziani et al. (2004) in regard to the nature of the spin parameter Ω, which was used in the Lagrangian stochastic model that best described the observed eddy statistics.The main result is that the spin obtained from the looping trajectories not only represents a good estimate of the relative vorticity of the vortex core in which the loopers are embedded, but it is also able to follow the vortex temporal evolution. The Lagrangian parameter Ω is then directly connected to the underlying Eulerian structure and could be used as a proxy for the relative vorticity field of coherent vortices.