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Market Liquidity Programs

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In mid-2009, the Bank of England (Bank) opened the Secured Commercial Paper Facility (SCPF) as part of its larger Asset Purchase Facility (APF). Through the facility, the Bank offered to purchase secured commercial paper (SCP), a form of asset backed commercial paper, issued by approved programs from both dealers acting as principal in the primary market and after issue from secondary market holders. The facility was designed to establish the Bank as a ready buyer of SCP in the primary market and as a backstop purchaser in the secondary market. In extending the APF to include purchases of SCP, the Bank aimed to give smaller companies and companies below investment grade quality access to funding, and to improve access to short term working capital for companies that affected the UK economy. To be eligible to participate, programs had to have underlying assets that provided short term credit to borrowers making a material contribution to the UK economy. Only one program was deemed eligible, and the Bank made regular, small purchases of SCP from that program between November 2010 and November 2011. The SCPF was formally closed on August 4, 2016.

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