Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Engineering (DEng)


Electrical Engineering (ENAS)

First Advisor

Tang, Hong


Nonlinear nanophotonic devices are crucial building blocks of a fully integrated photonic system. They enable high-speed, high-throughput and customizable transfer of information, with applications ranging from biology to cutting edge quantum information technologies. A particularly important nanophotonics component is the micro-resonator. Not only do micro-resonators confine light and allow an effective increased length of interaction with a desired material platform, they are also highly compact. Through the amplification of light-matter interaction, nonlinear phenomena such as soliton comb generation, record breaking second and third harmonic generation as well as electro-optic frequency conversion have been observed on an integrated on-chip platform. The work presented here investigates the methods of integration and optimization of many such nonlinear micro-resonators with the ultimate goal of developing the first fully integrated and stabilized soliton microcomb.