Date of Award

Spring 5-20-2024

Document Type




First Advisor

Ned Blackhawk


Domestic Exotic, considers the conditions that led to the rise of cultural tourism in Florida and examines Yale University’s involvement in this economic phenomenon. Cultural tourism is defined as site-seeing attractions where performers interact with visitors under fabricated conditions. At these sites, ‘the spectacle of the other’ was demarcated onto specific bodies, creating a collective imaginary that helped to shape the infrastructure and public thought of Florida as a travel destination for Euro-American audiences. This document supports an exhibition at the Yale Peabody Museum titled, The Resonance of Things Unseen: Indigenous Sovereignty, Institutional Accession, and Private Correspondence (March 26 - November 1, 2024).


This is artist text, consists of

  1. two grounding archival figures,

  2. a writing on anthropologist William Sturtevant,

  3. and imaging from a current exhibition at Yale Peabody Museum.