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Pamphlet created for the film series “Comic Legacies of the Japanese Silver Screen” presented at Yale University from February to April, 2024. Starting with an introduction outlining the history of Japanese film comedy, the pamphlet contains plot summaries and commentaries on the following films:

Buddhist Mass for Goemon Ishikawa (1930, Saitō Torajirō) Fighting Friends (1929, Ozu Yasujirō) Romantic and Crazy (1934, Yamamoto Kajirō) Singing Lovebirds (1939, Makino Masahiro) Akanishi Kakita (1936, Itami Mansaku) Tange Sazen and the Pot Worth a Million Ryō (1935, Yamanaka Sadao) Room for Rent (1959, Kawashima Yūzō) Doctor’s Day Off (1952, Shibuya Minoru) Oh, My Bomb! (1964, Okamoto Kihachi) All Under the Moon (1993, Sai Yōichi) Nest Egg (1956, Chiba Yasuki) Gambler’s Luck (1966, Yamada Yōji) Kamome Diner (2006, Ogigami Naoko) Make Way for the Jaguars! (1968, Maeda Yōichi)

The series was sponsored by the Yale MacMillan Center Council on East Asian Studies, the National Film Archive of Japan, and the Yale Film Archive, with support from the Japan Foundation.

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