The Yale Undergraduate Research Journal


Matteo Salvini is the former Deputy Prime Minister, and former Minister of the Interior of Italy. Born in Milan, Salvini joined and quickly rose up the ranks of the Young Padanians Movement, a political youth group associated with the newly formed Lega Nord political party. Now, Salvini sits on the throne of La Lega, as the party’s secretary and chairman. Not only is Salvini the formal party leader, but he has also shown himself to be extremely popular on social media – using his Twitter account to rabble-rouse, organize, and grandstand. While Salvini’s xenophobic and anti-statist rhetoric is certainly worth investigation in its own right, to best understand Salvini’s meteoric rise one has to first understand the party he leads. Accordingly, this paper focuses on three overarching aspects of La Lega: its history, its ideology, and the effects of globalization on the party.