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Eugène Giraudet (1861-19?) was an exceptionally prolific and influential Parisian dance teacher, choreographer, author, and bibliophile. His library catalog, published in his 1900 Traité de la danse, Tome II, Grammaire de la danse et du bon ton, is more than a simple record of the books he owned. It also serves as a wish list and a directory of prominent dance personalities. As a whole, it presents an unparalleled conspectus of dance teaching, book collecting, business, and international networks radiating from a major metropolis—the historical urban center of the dance world—in the late-nineteenth century.


Paper presented at the 35th Annual Conference of the Society of Dance History Scholars, "Dance and the Social City," University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA (15 June 2012).

Originally published online In Dance and the Social City: Society of Dance History Scholars Proceedings (35th Annual Conference, 14–17 June 2012, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA) available to members of SDHS until 2017.

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