Date of Award

January 2024

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Open Access Thesis

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Yale University School of Nursing

First Advisor

Joan Kearney


Breast cancer screening is essential for early detection and reducing disease progression. However, its underuse contributes to late-stage diagnoses, adverse health consequences, and reduced survival rates. Research has shown that high-quality communication significantly influences women's adherence to breast cancer screening, leading to earlier detection and better health outcomes. However, many healthcare providers receive no formal communication skills training. Healthcare providers who undergo relationship-centered communication (RCC) training demonstrate stronger interpersonal relationships, which result in increased provider-patient satisfaction, more efficient healthcare teams, and improved quality of patient care. To date, most RCC studies have focused predominantly on the physician-patient relationship rather than the interdisciplinary healthcare team. This quality improvement project addressed this gap by modifying an existing RCC skills development program for the training of an interdisciplinary healthcare team to improve their self-efficacy in utilizing RCC skills and evaluate their satisfaction with the program. A two-hour RCC development program was offered to 21 mammography technologists and administrative personnel at a large breast imaging center in the United States. Results from pre-, and post-self-competency assessment surveys found a significant increase in participants' self-efficacy in performing RCC skills over two months. Additionally, most participants reported that the RCC program was valuable to their professional role, would implement learned skills, and recommend the training to colleagues. This project provides a model for interdisciplinary teams in breast imaging centers to increase their self-confidence and proficiency in communicating with patients, strengthen relationships between patients and the healthcare team, and elevate the quality and delivery of breast care.


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