Date of Award

January 2020

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Open Access Thesis

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Yale University School of Nursing

First Advisor

Judith R. Kunisch


As the population of the United States ages, so does the population of registered nurses. The result of this phenomenon is an increased demand for nursing services at the same time there is a growing shortage of nurses; this is particularly true in rural home health. It is imperative that organizations develop strategies to combat the widening divide between supply and demand. One opportunity is implementation of structured transition in practice programs, such as residencies and fellowships, to attract nurses into rural home health settings. While these programs are on the rise in hospitals, there are few in rural areas or home health nursing. Using the available evidence on rural and home health nurse retention and leveraging existing frameworks such as the American Nurse Credentialing Center Transition in Practice Program and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, this author designed a rural home health nursing fellowship to attract and retain registered nurses into home health practice. This paper describes the process for designing the “Rural Home Health Nurse Fellowship” and includes the resulting core learning domains, program requirements and evaluative measures.


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