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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Yale University School of Nursing

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Lois Sadler


The healthcare system requires consumers to be active participants in their care by making decisions in conjunction with their provider; managing complex medication regimens and scheduling appropriate medical visits in a timely fashion. Health literacy for racial and ethnic minority elders, is an often ignored national problem that must be addressed through research-driven initiatives that are tied to metrics that measure improvement across providers, health plans, and healthcare organizations. To address this problem, the authors implemented an adaptation of two evidenced-based educational interventions into a practice improvement project. The intervention format included a self-guided training on health literacy and ethnogeriatrics for anesthesia providers in clinical practice that was initially reviewed and evaluated by an expert panel. A pilot training was conducted with a convenience sample of 26 anesthesia providers who care for geriatric patients from ethnic and racial minority backgrounds. The educational intervention resulted in an increase in knowledge-based test scores, and an increase in a health literacy oriented attitude. However, anesthesia providers were less likely to use the teach-back or show-me method with low literate patients. Recommendations for future work include revisions to the education intervention and testing with a larger sample, providing an in-person training course, and disbursing the training to other clinicians.

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