Date of Award

January 2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Yale University School of Nursing

First Advisor

Jessica Coviello


Background: NPs have a great opportunity to undertake entrepreneurial opportunities. However, according to the International Council of Nurses, “only 0.5%-1% of working nurses are nurse entrepreneurs” (ICN, 2004, pg. 9). This is primarily due to a lack of resources that support entrepreneurial inquiry.

Objective: To validate a toolkit on innovative business models for NP practice.

Methods: The toolkit was developed by: 1) conducting a comprehensive review of scientific literature, 2) reviewing the needs and barriers of entrepreneurship by interviewing experts and 3) validating the toolkit with a panel of experts.

Results: There was 100% agreement on the relevance and importance of nine identified categories: Creating a Business Plan, Money Matters, Know your Target Market, To Buy or To Build, Legal Matters, Credentialing 101, Insurance 101, Building Your Team and Marketing.

Conclusions: This toolkit provides a robust step-by-step guide on entrepreneurship and acts as a catalyst for NPs who may consider it in the future.

Implications for Nursing: NPs are at the forefront of health reform and can identify gaps in the system where innovative solutions are vital. Access to such resources can provide a necessary infusion of NPs who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship to drive health reform.


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