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Members of class: Dorothy M., J. Adelle Baldwin, Eleanor Harmon B., Mary Beers, Lois A. Bliss, Esther Budd, Margaret Colvin, Eleanor Tilton Copley, Marian Axtell Roth Cowperthwait, Mary E. Curtis, Eileen Ditchburn Dithridge, Ruth Lyman Fanselow, Mary Foster, Mary Prentice Gilbert, Gladys Boardman Glass, Xenia Beliavsky Horn, Dorothy A. Huey, Barbara Austin Kavanagh, Mary Sun Liang, Charlotte Van Cleve McKeown, Katharine Slocum Owen, Kathryn Park, Grace Lyman Price, Margaret Morris Scammon, Lucy Shaw Schultz, Theresa Roklitzer Visnjovski, Caroline Mulford Walsh, Priscilla Brooks Ward, Isabel Howe Wegman, Helen Wersebe, Katherine Wilgus Wilke, Elizabeth Hawkins Wilson, Esther White, Marguerite Luce Young

Transferred from the Yale University School of Nursing Special Collection

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Photograph, Yale University. School of Nursing. Class of 1931