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In 1974, YSN opened it doors to a unique program, originally called the three-year non-nurse college graduate program. Today it ts called the Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing or GEPN. Simply put, during GEPN, the students learn to become a nurse. They will be caring for patients by the end of the second week at YSN because this program models adult learning principles-make it real and they will remember and perform quicker; when taught in the clinical context, it is real. Our hope is that they will continue recording their experiences that will ultimately serve as a record of their journey at Yale School of Nursing. Through their journal entries that may include writings, drawings or poetry, they can watch their own transformation. Their impressions are important because they provide us with an opportunity to see how our program, our profession and the institutions in which we work are viewed or perceived. This small glimpse gives you an opportunity to see how blessed we, the faculty at Yale School of Nursing, are to teach, work with, and learn from these remarkable students.

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Yale, University, School, Nursing, alumnae, alumni, graduates, GEPN, Prespecialty, writing, poetry, 2002



Do You See What I See? GEPN Student Journal Entries 1999-2002

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