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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Daniel Joseph, MD


Gunshot wounds sustained by civilians in the context of active shooter events are distressingly common in the United States. Current guidelines recommend the use of advanced hemostatic dressings as the first-line treatment for gunshot wounds sustained to anatomical areas in which a tourniquet cannot be effectively deployed. These guidelines have been informed by studies conducted in military and surgical settings by trained medical personnel, however, no studies have been conducted to assess their efficacy when utilized by untrained civilian bystanders. In this study, we will compare the efficacy of QuikClot Combat Gauze to standard gauze for achieving hemostasis when utilized by untrained immediate responders. Utilizing a randomized control trial, we will measure blood loss over time from an anesthetized pig with a wound designed to simulate a gunshot to the groin. This data will ultimately help to inform treatment recommendations for gunshot wounds in the civilian context.

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