Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

First Advisor

Vinita Knight, MD, MPH


Epilepsy and migraine are the most common neurological disorders in pediatric patients. Epilepsy and migraine are often comorbid, have similar pathophysiology, and require various lifestyle modifications as part of a child’s treatment plan. Consistent aerobic exercise has been proven effective in reducing migraine frequency and severity. However, literature on the impact of exercise on seizure frequency is inconclusive, and there are few studies done in the pediatric population. In this study, we will determine whether a consistent aerobic exercise regimen affects the mean percentage of baseline seizures, in pediatric patients with comorbid epilepsy and migraine. This randomized controlled trial will compare the changes in seizure frequency in patients who implement our prescribed exercise regimen, to controls who continue treatment as usual. This work will help clarify whether exercise is a viable preventive treatment for pediatric epilepsy, and may provide children with epilepsy new adjunct treatment options.