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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Olivera Marsenic Couloures, MD


Obesity is associated with lower transplantation rate and higher mortality in pediatric end stage renal disease patients. Glucose-based peritoneal dialysis is the preferred method of dialysis for these patients, a therapy that can cause systemic glucose absorption. It is unknown whether this absorption leads to weight change in pediatric patients. We propose to examine whether Peritoneal Dialysis is associated with weight change in pediatric End Stage Renal Disease patients. We will prospectively observe a cohort of children aged 2-17 who are starting peritoneal dialysis. We will measure weight change after one year of dialysis, and compare these measurements to historical control groups. With this proposed study, we hope to gain insight into whether peritoneal dialysis contributes to obesity, leading to decreased eligibility for kidney transplantation. This knowledge will allow modification of renal replacement therapy and ultimately lead to improved outcomes in pediatric peritoneal dialysis patients.

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