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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Lauren Tobias, MD


Sleep quality and quantity in astronauts is a persistent problem, posing risks to mission success and crew safety. The prescription sleep aids used by astronauts to combat this issue have limited effectiveness. Furthermore, they may interfere with physical and cognitive function upon awakening, raising concerns about astronauts’ ability to respond in emergency situations. There is a need for an alternative effective sleep intervention to improve sleep in astronauts. Increasing the distal-proximal temperature gradient by warming the extremities has been shown to improve sleep. Therefore, we propose a randomized, crossover trial investigating the use of bed socks worn at bedtime to increase the distal-proximal temperature gradient and improve sleep in analog astronauts in a simulated spaceflight environment versus controls. Our proposed intervention may provide a novel, effective means to improve sleep in astronauts without interfering with physical and cognitive function.

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