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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Hilary Blumberg, MD


Bipolar disorder is a lifelong diagnosis with high morbidity. The perinatal period represents a high-risk interval for conversion to bipolar disorder, thought to be amplified by the destabilizing effects of sleep and daily rhythm disruption. Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, an effective adjunctive treatment for bipolar disorder, also shows promise as an intervention for adolescents at familial risk for bipolar disorder; however, it has not been evaluated in at-risk perinatal women. Utilizing a randomized control trial, we will investigate the benefit of interpersonal and social rhythm therapy in reducing symptom burden among perinatal women at risk for bipolar disorder. We hypothesize that women receiving our intervention will spend, on average, more weeks symptom-free compared to enhanced treatment-as-usual. This study addresses the current lack of clinical options in pregnancy for women at risk for bipolar disorder and may elucidate methods to moderate or prevent the morbidity associated with new diagnosis.

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