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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Richard Marottoli, MD, MPH


Dementia is an irreversible decline in cognition, which is most commonly seen in the elderly, but a minority of patients are diagnosed before the age of 65, in a subtype known as early-onset dementia. There is a strong association between dementia and major depression in the elderly, but the prevalence of depression in patients with early-onset dementia lacks consensus among existing studies, and there is a paucity of data in newly diagnosed individuals. We propose a cross-sectional study to measure the prevalence ratio of major depression in patients with early-onset dementia compared to those over the age of 65. Specifically, we aim to administer the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia to dichotomize the presence of a major depressive episode in newly diagnosed individuals with early-onset dementia when compared to those over 65 years-old. This study may improve our understanding of disease burden in patients with dementia of various ages.

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