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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

First Advisor

Tanya Bilchik, MD


Migraine is a prevalent chronic condition that significantly impacts quality of life and school performance in adolescents. Despite the development of several medications for the acute treatment and for the prevention of migraines, many find medications ineffective or inappropriate due to side effects. Behavioral interventions, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, have been identified as an effective therapy for adolescents. However, no trials examine cognitive behavioral therapy in adolescents during the transition from high school to college. This study seeks to determine how cognitive behavioral therapy affects migraine disability in the context of adolescents facing specific lifestyle stressors. We propose a randomized controlled trial in which patients will be assigned to receive either online cognitive behavioral therapy with standard medical care or to receive online headache education with standard medical care. These results will provide insight into how the college transition impacts outcomes to provide guidance for non-medical treatment in this population.