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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Badr Al Bawardy, MD


Inflammatory bowel disease, a chronic relapsing-remitting disorder, affects three million adults in the United States. One of the main therapeutic goals in patients with inflammatory bowel disease is mucosal healing, measured by endoscopy, an invasive procedure that does not always reflect patient symptomatology. To address these limitations, clinicians have developed patient-reported outcome measures, questionnaires evaluating bowel symptoms and quality of life. However, the clinical utility of these patient-reported outcome measures and their correlation to objective markers of inflammation is unclear. We will determine the efficacy of using a patient-reported outcome measure to inform treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. In a randomized clinical trial, we will compare disease metrics of patients receiving treatment guided by a patient-reported outcome measure compared to those of patients receiving standard treatment. This study will confirm the utility of patient-reported outcome measures, revolutionizing inflammatory bowel disease treatment and transitioning the field towards patient-centered care.

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