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For the year 1994. Year ending September 30, 1994.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-1995


Harty Press, Inc.


New Haven, CT


Children’s Hospital. Helipad. Helicopter. Emergency Care. Patient Care. Teaching. House Staff. Residents. Research. Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine. Clinical research trials. Historical hospital firsts. Community Service. Atrium. Volunteers. Health care reform. Managed care. Free care. Stem cell transplantation. Level I Trauma Center. Physician Referral Service (785-2000). Building for Health (fund-raising campaign). YNHHSC. Patient Focused Operational Redesign (PFOR). East Pavilion. Hill Neighborhood. Network Development. 40-60 Temple Street. Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO). HealthChoice.


The title of this annual report is “Under These Roofs….The Mission of Yale-New Haven Hospital” which includes patient care, teaching, research, community service, and history. The year-end message can be found on pages 14-16. See this section for highlights from the past year. YNHH experienced records growth in both inpatient and outpatient services. Patient Focused Operational Redesign (PFOR) became a new patient care model that would help reduce cost and improve quality of care.

Images: Paintings of Building Exteriors, Life Star, Children’s Hospital, roofs, patient care, hospital employees, atrium ceiling, Rotunda of the Yale School of Medicine, Hillhouse High School health clinic, January 24, 1925 total eclipse of the sun, Board of Trustees: Harris J. Ashton, Richard G. Bell, Marna P. Borgstrom, Marcial Cuevas, Dr. Richard L. Edelson, Dr. Andrew J. Graham, Marvin K. Lender, Linda Koch Lorimer, Julia M. McNamara, The Honorable Flemming L. Norcott, Jr., Frank D. Rich, Jr., Martha M. Shattuck, Elder Theodore L. Brooks, Dr. Gerard N. Burrow, Dr. Edwin C. Cadman, Joseph R. Crespo, Richard J. Grossi, Robert A. Haversat, Eileen S. Kraus, Richard C. Levin, Barbara Millar, Walter H. Monteith, Jr., Joseph P. Mullinix, J. Richard Munro, James A. Thomas, Mary Lou Winnick, and Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Senior Management: Vincent S. Conti, Edward J. Dowling, H. Bart Price, and Diana Weaver. Medical Staff: Drs. Edwin C. Cadman, Frederick L. Sachs, Victor A. Morris, Roberta Hines, Donald J. Cohen, John E. Schowalter, Donald W. Kohn, Harold Horton, Richard L. Edelson, Robert I. White, Morton G. Glickman, Ralph I. Horwitz, Frederick L. Sacks, Leonard R. Farber, Peter I. Jatlow, Edward L. Snyder, Stephen G. Waxman, Thomas N. Byrne, Frederick Naftolin, Lawrence J. Wartel, Peter Schwartz, Joseph Caprioli, David E. Silverstone, Gary E. Friedlaender, J. Kevin Lynch, Jon Morrow, Joseph B. Warshaw, Joseph H. Zelson, Norman J. Siegel, Benjamin J. Bunney, Selby C. Jacobs, Ronald C. Merrell, Richard Stahl, James J. Fischer, and Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., F. Patrick McFadden, Jr., Mary Lou Winnick, historical photographs.

Under these roofs…  The Mission of Yale-New Haven  Yale-New Haven Hospital 1994 Annual Report