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For the year 1992. Year ending September 30, 1992.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-1993


Harty Press, Inc.


New Haven, CT


Pediatrics. Children’s Hospital. History of Pediatrics at YNHH. Dr. Eli Ives. Public Health. Nutrition. Dr. Edward Parks. Dr. Grover Powers. Rooming-in. Psycho-social health. Dr. Howard Pearson. Dr. Joseph Warshaw. Dr. Thomas S. Renshaw. Dr. David T. Bachman. Dr. John A. Persing. Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine. Me and My Baby program. The Hill neighborhood. Retiree health benefits. Service Quality Improvement task force. Operating Room Information System (ORIS). Computer system. Clinical Care Support System (CCSS). Medical Recycling. Recovering Medical Equipment for the Developing World (REMEDY). Special Olympics World Summer Games. Health Care Access. Building for Health. Recession.


The title of the annual report is Pediatric Medicine: Innovation, Development & Recommitment. The report includes both general historical information about the hospital and an in-depth history of pediatrics at the hospital. There are also pediatric patient stories published throughout the report. During the year construction continued on the new Children’s Hospital. For a more complete description of new programs at the hospital see the Year-end Message on pages 14-16. A few highlights include: The hospital streamlined its senior management, computer terminals in patient units began under the Clinical Care Support System (CCSS) in May, and a medical recycling program called REMEDY was started.

Images: Past and present pediatric patients, Patient Care, Dr. Eli Ives, Dr. Edwards A. Park, Board of Trustees: Harris J. Ashton, Dr. Paul G. Barash, Richard G. Bell, Robert M. Geier, Norwick R. Goodspeed, Dr. Andrew J. Graham, Jack E. McGregor, Julia M. McNamara, Walter H. Monteith, Jr., Martha M. Shattuck, Marjan Wackers, Sheila W. Wellington, Dr. Gerard N. Burrow, Joseph R. Crespo, Marcial Cuevas, Dr. John E. Fenn, Robert A. Haversat, Howard R. Lamar, Marvin K. Lender, Richard B. Lightfoot, J. Richard Munro, Flemming L. Norcott, Jr., Frank D. Rich, Jr., Judith Rodin, Susan Whetstone, Mary Lou Winnick, and Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Medical Staff: Drs. Paul G. Barash, Robert I. Schrier, Donald J. Cohen, John E. Schowalter, Donald W. Kohn, Harold Horton, Richard L. Edelson, Robert I. White, Morton G. Glickman, Edwin C. Cadman, Frederick L. Sacks, Leonard R. Farber, Peter I. Jatlow, Edward L. Snyder, Joseph R. Bove, Stephen G. Waxman, Thomas N. Byrne, Frederick Naftolin, Lawrence J. Wartel, Peter Schwartz, Marvin L. Sears, David E. Silverstone, Gary E. Friedlaender, J. Kevin Lynch, Jon Morrow, Joseph B. Warshaw, Joseph H. Zelson, Norman J. Siegel, Benjamin J. Bunney, Selby C. Jacobs, William F. Collins, Jr., Robert K. Houlihan, C. Elton Cahow, Andrew J. Graham, James J. Fischer, and Alan C. Sartorelli, F. Patrick McFadden, Jr., Mary Lou Winnick, historical photographs.

Pediatric Medicine  Innovation, Development & Recommitment  Yale-New Haven Hospital 1992 Annual Report