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For the year 1982. Year ending September 30, 1982.

Publication Date

Summer 9-30-1982


open heart surgery. mechanical heart pump. cardiovascular surgery. heart-lung machine. William Sewell. Dr. William Glenn. Dr. Richard Greenspan. Diagnostic Imagining. Computerized Axial Tomography (CT Scanning). nuclear medicine. x-ray. Cardiac Nuclear Medicine. Surgery. Dana Operating Pavilion. ambulatory surgery. human bone transplants. artificial intelligence. Hay fever. caesarean-section. Chemotherapy implantable pump. Pediatric Dentistry. South Pavilion. Air Rights Parking Garage. Dr. Lawrence K. Pickett. Department of Respiratory Therapy. Central Sterile supply. Emergency Services and the Trauma Center. New Haven Unit. Memorial Unit. Diagnostic Imaging suite. Beds. Patient Care Support System. central data bank. Computers. patient information. Telephone.


The 1982 annual report is published within the Summer 1983 edition of the hospital publication Yale-New Haven Magazine. The table of contents for the magazine include: Exploring the Secrets of the Heart, The Eyes of Medicine, and Surgery – Then and Now.

The 1982 Annual Report begins on page 17 with a message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, C. Newton Schenck. The South Pavilion opened on June 13th and the Air Rights Parking Garage the previous December. Hospital beds were reduced from 929 to 863. There’s a breakdown in the report as to what is housed on each floor of the hospital including information on the types of beds. A computer-based information system was implemented through the Patient Care Support System department. The system will be used to track patient information and order tests. A new telephone system links the hospital and all phone numbers will begin with 785.

Images: Dr. William Glenn, Dr. Paul Lurie, William Sewell, mechanical heart pump, heart-lung machine prototype, open heart surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, x-ray, Dr. Anne Curtis, Dictaphone, Dana Operating Pavilion, Dr. Vernon W. Lippard, Percy Chubb, operating room, surgery, Dr. Bernard Seigel, Dr. Thomas Kleeman, medical student, Dr. Gary Kopf, Dr. Summer Ghuman, mother and baby, C. Newton Schenck, C. Thomas Smith, Joseph A. Zaccagnino, South Pavilion, Air Rights Garage, Dr. Arthur E. Baue, Dr. Harvey Berger, Dr. William F. Collins, Jr., Luba Dowling, Dr. John Fenn, Dr. Richard H. Greenspan, Dr. Henry Swett, and 20 York Street entrance.

Yale-New Haven Special Issue : 1982 Annual Report