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General Hospital Society of Connecticut and the New Haven Dispensary, 1929-1930.

Images include: Architects sketch of New Haven Hospital and 16 images taken of interiors and exteriors of new buildings. A Year of Growth Report written by the Superintendent, Albert W. Buck. Statistics and a Table of Contents includes: Summary of Services, General Hospital Society, Departmental Admissions New Haven Hospital, Summary of Diagnoses of Cases Discharged from New Haven Hospital, Census of Clinics New Haven Dispensary, Distribution of Patients by Towns New Haven Hospital, Distribution of Patients by Towns William Wirt Winchester Hospital, General Statistics New Haven Hospital, Cases in X-Ray Department, General Statistics William Wirt Winchester Hospital, Autopsies New Haven Hospital, Department of Nursing Personnel, Officers General Hospital Society, Members of Society, Officers New Haven Dispensary, Officers Connecticut Training School for Nurses, Board of Lady Visitors, Women’s Committee, Committee of Visiting Clergymen, Medical Staff New Haven Hospital and New Haven Dispensary, Nursing Staff New Haven Hospital, Balance Sheet General Hospital Society, Summary of Expenses and Income, Operating Expenses, Income, Revenue from Care of Patients, Fund Investments, Statement of Special Funds, Free Bed Funds, and Auditors’ Certificate.

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New Haven, CT


free beds, Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Pavilion, Medical and Pediatric Laboratory, Institute of Human Relations, Dr. Eugen Kahn, William Wirt Winchester Hospital, preventorium or Children’s Camp, New Haven Dispensary


Large demand for free care that the hospital did not have enough funds to meet. The Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Pavilion and the Medical and Pediatric Laboratory are open. The Old North Building which was originally opened in 1833 was demolished in August 1929. Additional wards are needed for patient care. Better housing for personnel is needed. During this year’s construction 28 departments were temporarily relocated. Detailed description of the future Clinic Building. 10,337 people cared for last year at New Haven Hospital.

General Hospital Society of Connecticut 1929 - 1930