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For the year 1968. Year ending September 30, 1968.

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Medical Board. Medical Staff. Kidney transplant. Dialysis Unit. Hemodialysis. Peritoneal Dialysis. Interpreter Services. Religious Ministries. Medical Center planning group. Fitkin II. Dana podium. Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Drug tests. Teaching hospital. Chronic disease. Medical Education. Multidisciplinary. Fetal Heart Monitor. Dr. Edward H. Hon. Neo-natal biology. Fertilization and implantation. Contraception. Unwed mothers program. Rd negative. Adolescent care unit. Hill Child Health Center. Connecticut Mental Health Center. Community Health. Convenience Clinic. Combined medical and pediatric internship. Psychiatric Services. Psychiatric emergency services. Nursing Services. Nurse Clinician. Nursing Education. Grace-New Haven School of Nursing. Practical Nurse Education Program at Eli Whitney Technical School. UConn School of Nursing. Radiology. Radiology training program. X-ray facilities. Neurological x-ray suite. Orthopedic suite. Dispersed darkrooms. Nuclear Medicine. Transplant program. Trauma program. Helipad. Neuroscience. Surgery. Anesthesiology. Neurophysiology. Clinical Laboratories. Tissue typing laboratory. Blood bank. Packed cells. Computer. Women’s Auxiliary. Volunteer Department.


The year 1968 marks the 100th anniversary of the hospital’s first annual report, because of that, some historical information and images are provided in this report as well as detailed reports from the various chiefs of service. The report includes a published conversation between Courtney C. Bishop, M.D., Chairman, Medical Board, Charles H. Costello, Board President and Charles B. Womer, Hospital Director as well as an interview of the chiefs of service. Dr. Bishop describes the Medical Board and its correlation with the medical staff. He also describes the differences of various staff and the value of the combination of a teaching and community hospital. Dr. Bishop reflects on the most recent significant changes at the hospital which he says are the kidney transplant program and dialysis services. Mr. Womer reflects on changes to the hospital which include improvements to employee benefits, the addition of bilingual patient relations employees in Emergency Services, and the creation of the Department of Religious Ministries. To alleviate the bed shortage at the hospital administrators are looking to add two floors to the Memorial Unit and trying to shorten patient stays. Detailed interviews of the following people are included: Dr. Philip K. Bondy, Chief of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at YSM, Dr. Edward J. Quilligan, M.D. Chief, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Charles D. Cook, M.D., Chief of Pediatrics, Dr. Thomas P. Detre, Chief of Psychiatry, Anna E. Ryle, R.N., Director, Division of Nursing, Dr. Morton M. Kligerman, Radiologist-in-Chief, Dr. Jack W. Cole, Chief of Surgery, Dr. Nicholas M. Greene, Chief of Anesthesiology, Dr. David Seligson, Pathology, and Mrs. M. Scott Welch, President Women’s Auxiliary. Also included are highlights from the year.

Images include: Knight Hospital, Dr. Courtney C. Bishop, Charles H. Costello, Charles B. Womer, Dr. Philip K. Bondy, Dr. Edward J. Quilligan, fetal heart monitor, Dr. Edward H. Hon, Dr. Charles D. Cook, Nurse with pediatric patient, Doctor with pediatric patient, Newborn Special Care Unit, Dr. Thomas P. Detre, Anna E. Ryle, Nursing students, Dr. Morton M. Kligerman, Radiology, X-ray, Images capturing highlights of the year, Dr. Jack W. Cole, operating room, Dr. Nicholas M. Greene, anesthesiologists, Dr. David Seligson, laboratories, Mrs. M. Scott Welch, President Women’s Auxiliary.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1968