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For the year 1966. Year ending September 30, 1966.

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Arnon D. Thomas. Medicaid. Medicare. Medically Indigent. Regional Medical Programs. Welfare. Dr. Vernon W. Lippard. Coronary Care Unit. 10-bed clinical research center. 21-bed unit. Hunter Building. pediatric beds. New Haven Unit. Diagnostic radiology. Medical Records facility. Perinatal Center. Health care careers. Obstetrical and gynecological beds. New Haven Foundation, Hospital’s Completion Fund. Articles of Affiliation between the Hospital and Yale University. Yale-New Haven Medical Center. Utilization Committee. Dr. Jack W. Cole. Dr. Edward J. Quilligan.


The report begins with a detailed discussion written by Dr. Albert Snoke titled, “The Changing Philosophy of Hospital Economics,” in which he discusses the economics of hospital costs and payments. This is a response to the start of Medicare and Medicaid in July of 1966 and the local system of welfare reimbursements. A 5-bed Coronary Care Unit, a 10-bed clinical research center on Hunter 5, and a 21-bed pediatric unit on Hunter 4 were opened during the year. Other projects include children’s intensive care facility, new and expanded admitting and business services facilities in the New Haven Unit, and renovation of the pharmacy. There are 2,300 personnel, 1,200 medical staff members, and 450 volunteers. There was a significant increase to employee salaries and benefits. Volume of care increased in all areas except maternity and newborn services. The Articles of Affiliation between the Hospital and the Yale University were formally accepted by the Board of directors on March 22, 1965. Ten additional beds in the Memorial Unit, 8 East were assigned to medical service beginning July 1, 1966. A report is provided by the Women’s Auxiliary.

Images include: Dr. Albert W. Snoke, Charles H. Costello, Charles B. Womer, Registrar, nurses station, Memorial Unit lobby, Dr. Courtney C. Bishop. Coronary Care Unit. New Haven Unit entrance. Mrs. John F. Tarrant. Clinic waiting room. Dana Building.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report for the Year 1966